Imperial Glory (PC - Windows)
Imperial Glory (PC - Windows)
Imperial Glory (PC - Windows)
Imperial Glory (PC - Windows)
Imperial Glory (PC - Windows)
Imperial Glory (PC - Windows)
Imperial Glory (PC - Windows)
Imperial Glory (PC - Windows)

Game description

Imperial Glory (PC - Windows)

With Imperial Glory, lead a great empire into battle, or expand a smaller one through economics and diplomacy.

Imperial Glory is a strategic wargame making you change history by controlling politic, economy, technology and military development in one of the five great empires at the time. Make war on more than 50 provinces and 30 maritime regions throughout Europe and North Africa.

Command your troops in titanic conflicts around the world. Choose which empire you want to lead: Great-Britain, France, Austria, Russia or Prussia and write your own version of History!

> Two distinct gameplay modes: turn-based Imperial Management Model, plus Real-time Land and Naval Battles in full 3D.

> Choose one of the 5 empires available and play on more than 50 maps and 30 sea lands through Europe and North Africa!

> A tech tree for each empire and a management mode including politic, war, diplomacy, economy and technology research.

> Multiplayer mode available: head-to-head real-time battles!

  • Processor: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 512 Mb
  • Download Size: 1600 MB
  • Hard drive: 2000 MB
Teen (12+)

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FarrellMcKinsie's picture
[11/11/2012 - 03:17]
Re: Imperial Glory

The game is good, in it's basic play. It gives you options to be aggressive, more passive, or a combination of both. You can play the battles in Real Time, or just allow the computer to determine the outcomes. It gives you a good feel for the countries of Europe in the early 1800's. With some interesting challanges, depending on your country.

 The Bad, to me, is the actual combat. It seems very clunky, and I never seem to do as well in playing out the battle, as just allowing the computer to determine the outcome. I am quite aware of tactics in the Napoleonic period, but this game doesn't truly allow them. You can basiclly choose two options for your troops. Charge or fire. Once the charge takes place, the units will pound on each other until one is completely elimated. No retreating in this game. IF you lose, you lose Everything.  So, I tend to not like the battle part of the game.

Otherwise, it has been a fun game, with strategy and deplomacy, and otherwise a good game.

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Imperial Glory

1600 MB
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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