Europa 1400 - The Guild
Europa 1400 - The Guild
Europa 1400 - The Guild
Europa 1400 - The Guild
Europa 1400 - The Guild
Europa 1400 - The Guild
Europa 1400 - The Guild
Europa 1400 - The Guild

Game description

Europa 1400 - The Guild

Europa 1400 - Gold Edition is a strategy/simulation game pack including Europa 1400 - The Guild and its expansion.

At 13, you leave your parents, and go to the city to learn a job, and aiming to build your own trade empire, at the time of real commercial and though exchanges expansion. You choose the city, each one has its difficulty level, you choose your parents, whose respective jobs predispose you to have specific qualities, and you choose your business among the old fashionned Middle Age jobs. Run your own business, manage your workers properly as to be the more productive you can, and hire guards to protect your goods... Because even if you get better than the competitors, they can destroy your work and your goods... That's the difficult world of business affairs !

> One of the best Middle Age commercial simulation

> Choose your job according to your qualities, your city and the local religion, hire workers and protect them, and protect your goods from bandits and competitors...

> Don't be stopped by your avatar's death : manage your commercial empire through generations !

> A great history revision of this wonderful period : trade expansion, land discoveries, the different religions finally work together...

  • Processor: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 512
  • Download Size: 884 MB
  • Hard drive: 982 Mo
Early Childhood (3+)

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Europa 1400 - The Guild

Management, Strategy
884 MB
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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4 HEAD Studios
Nordic Games