We’re thrilled to announce that Windjammers, the best flying disc game of all time is finally available on Playsation 4, Playstation Vita and Nintendo Switch.


Hidden pearl of the NEOGEO and released in 1994, Windjammers finally comes back today on next gen consoles for the greatest joy of nostalgics and neon spandex lovers. Perfect mix between Pong and Street Fighter, Windjammers also brings a complete online mode with many features for 14.99$ only.


  • Online Versus: for the first time ever, face other players worldwide in ranked matches and compete in the top leagues!
  • 6 unique characters with their own special skills and super throws
  • 6 playable environments, from sunny beach to crowded stadium
  • 2 unlockable mini-games: Dog Distance, Bowling
  • New HD menus
  • Cross-Buy Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita


Windjammers - Release Trailer | Nintendo SwitchYouTube

Windjammers - Nintendo Switch Reveal TrailerYouTube

Windjammers - Release Trailer | PS4, PSVitaYouTube

Windjammers – Characters Trailer | PS4/PSVitaYouTube

Windjammers PS4 - Online Closed BETA AnnouncementYouTube

Windjammers PS4 / PS Vita - Announcement trailer PSX 2016YouTube


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