Ys Origin is now available on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99!

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Switch fans can lead this grand quest to defend humanity from a relentless horde of demons in a prequel tale for one of gaming’s most storied and widely acclaimed JRPG series. Ys Origin joins arcade-paced combat with light platforming and treasure hunting throughout its spiraling, monster-packed labyrinth, keeping its moment-to-moment journey exciting and rewarding.

Ys Origin features:


  • Unique Playable Heroes: Slash through demon hordes as the powerful holy knight Yunica Tovah or bring down foes with devastating magic as the sorcerer Hugo Fact.
  • Incredible Boss Battles: Brave spectacular showdowns against massive and immensely powerful beasts, using wits to gain the upperhand against formidable titans.
  • Intuitive Action: Easy to learn combat brings heroes into the action quickly while still offering depth to keep the action engaging and challenging.
  • Added Speedrunning: Make saving the world look easy while racing to complete Ys Origin’s engrossing adventure in record time via its speedrun mode.
  • A Compelling Quest: Fight through a towering pillar crawling with demons in a vital search for the Goddesses that have abandoned the world in humanity’s hour of need.
  • Modern Refinements: Smart touches and all-around polish make this classic shine the way it was always meant to be experienced.



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